Meditation Practices

receive energy. activate. invigorate. rejuvenate.

The Importance of Energy on the Spiritual Path

How do we expand our limited ego (soul identified with body) consciousness to our true boundless reality? Energy connects consciousness to the body. We can expand our awareness from a lower level of consciousness, using energy, and transcend matter attachment to embrace soul consciousness.

Energization is a practice that prepares us to gain control over our energy (life force or prana) from outward activity to an inward focus. Tensing with will and then relaxing allows us to slowly expand our awareness as a body to that of limitless conscious energy. Practice these exercises using positive cooperation, with divine energy, to slowly break the miasma that we are limited and bound by this physical reality.


· The greater the will the greater the flow of energy.

· Tense with will, then relax and feel.

· Look for signs of progress without attachment to progress!

· Lead with awareness!

· Practice with JOY!


Hong Sau - Guided Ananda Meditation Technique

Having a daily meditation practice is a powerful tool for a more fulfilling life. Learning this simple and effective meditation technique will ensure you maintain a daily practice.


Superconscious Living Exercises

Practice these rejuvenating exercises by Swami Kriyananda together with Shurjo and Narayani from Ananda India.